We provide up-to-date cybersecurity information and AI based expert solutions to the electricity market participants in their regulatory, investing, operational, maintenance, and customer support activities related to the complex risk management of their critical energy infrastructure components.



Be aware of the ever-increasing impact of cyber security on the security of electricity supply



Be up-to-day informed and plan your cyber security activities in order to increase the security of electricity supply



Check your compliance against the complex regulatory framework on regular basis

Risk Preparedness

Complete your Risk Preparedness framework with the missing cyber security components

In-process risk management 

Embed the cyber security risk assessment into your critical business processes


Be familiar with the relevant regulations, directives and publications just in time​

Know your responsibilities arising from the legal changes​

Get your quick report on changes, challenges and forthcoming activities concerning the cyber context of the risk preparedness​



Stay informed about the ongoing regulation changes in security of electricity supply and cyber security

Get instant alerts about regulation changes​

Build your unique persona with​

Check your readiness level on regular basis​

Enhance your knowledge base through our cutting-edge machine learning solution​



Measure your own level of compliance based on current in-force regulatory framework

Plan your compliance development​

Check your new supply chain partners compliance before procurement process​

Forecast and manage your future compliance level based on planned regulatory changes​